The Mexican American War On America Essay

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While it is the country’s job to shape itself, it is man who defines what that country, in fact, represents. The Mexican-American War showed citizens how “…the war and its unintended consequences shaped the meaning of American identity, ethics, and patriotism” . The U.S.-Mexican conflict proposed questions that struck at the heart of American culture. “What would become of slavery?” Southerners asked themselves; while abolitionists fought against the institution in the North, on the western front soldiers protected America from becoming divided. However, little did citizens know that the U.S.-Mexican conflict would further separate the North’s and the South’s opinions on certain issues. These –the consequences of war- could be seen in how slavery became the forefront of American problems. As great figureheads strove to claim more land for America, the unbalanced ratio of free to slave states would suffocate American culture under the weight of its own problems. The War created a new flourishing generation of leaders to help America settle those problems which emerged. This was partially because the Mexican-American War forced citizens to address issues that they had been avoiding for some time now. Amidst the political scene rose a question that haunted American minds for decades: what are the consequences to the lust for war and American actions as a whole?
Many prominent figureheads during the Mexican-American War were divided on their ideas of what the nation should…
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