The Mexican Corridos Of 1910-1930

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The Mexican Corridos of 1910-1930 not only depict the lives of certain foreigners living in Mexico and in the United States during this time, but also illustrate what their experiences were like in such locations. While several individuals criticized the life in Mexico, and others criticized the life in the United States, the one thing that remained constant in almost all corridos was the fact that the criticism of Mexico was mainly aimed at the overall poverty of the country, while criticism of life in the United States focused mostly on the well-being and class of Americans themselves and not so much on the country’s financial status. While many corridos focused on the negative aspects of American society, most of them dealt with the harsh economic conditions that Mexico is a part of. For instance, in the second corrido titled “Advice to the Northerners” , the speaker praises life in the United States while criticizing life in Mexico by stating that “now you will be lunching and eating good ham, ‘cause here in our country [Mexico] you can’t even buy pants”. Additionally, he goes on to say that “things are like hell” in Mexico and that the only thing increasing in Mexico are “thieves by the bushel”. Finally, towards the end, he mentions that “here [Mexico] even if we work hard we are always naked”. Such comments are obviously against life in Mexico but, all comments focused on the harsh economic conditions of Mexico and NOT on the value and class of its Mexican

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