The Mexican Economy: The Impact Of Diabetes

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Most of the time people believe that an illness such as the diabetes is something that will not affect them unless they have the illness, nevertheless, it is a problem which involves everyone. The Mexican economy is directly affected by the disease and all its complications. The government is in the need of looking forward new strategies to prevent and attack the problem which might be a consequence of different issues. As the years pass by is easier to notice the real impact of diabetes. Everything gets more expensive to afford the costs of health care to most of the people. For such reasons, is important to analyze the impact of diabetes on the healthcare costs. Since the last century, the government has been facing the issue of medical…show more content…
“The increase of overweight during the last 30 years worldwide is warning” (Quintero, 2017). “The health sector is facing the economic consequences of obesity, since the care of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, disability, chronic kidney disease, musculoskeletal problems, to psychosocial problems, among others.” For that reason, medical services are more expensive than they are meant to. According to the INEGI (2015) Mexico spends about 5,7% of the Gross Domestic Product per year (about 1,060,589 million pesos) divided into the public sector (39.8%), private sector (34.5%) and TNRS (25.7%). The government is in the need of looking for new ways to afford health…show more content…
For such reason, the Mexican government is in the need of looking new strategies to make the statistics decrease. One of the most available options is taxing junk food places to slow the number of consumers among the population and get better health. “Those taxes would be about 20% to have a real impact on the population.” (World Health Organization, 2017). Among the possible benefits is the improvement in the amount of healthy food eaten which will lead to a better life condition to the Mexican population. Overweight and its consequences such as diabetes and heart diseases are quite dangerous as long as we do not take the right usage of junk
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