The Mexican Health Care System

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Healthcare in Mexico The Mexican health care system had evolved a series of disjointed subsystems that are incapable of delivering universal health insurance. Without greatly restructuring the way healthcare is financed, performance with respect to equity will remain poor. The fact that life expectancy at birth in Mexico has improved from forty-two years in 1940 to seventy-three in 2000, major inequalities persist in health and access to health care. Therefore leaving Mexico’s healthcare as in today still a work in progress. Then the country’s Congress passed a bill to ensure healthcare for every mexican without access to it. The goal was explicit: universal coverage. Therefore, by September expecting by the government to have enrolled about 51 million people in the insurance plan they created about six years ago. This effectively reached the target, well at least on paper. Quality varies, and people in poor Guerrero may seek care in nearby Yautepec or Cuernavaca, where Lucila Rivera Díaz, right, waited with her son. Credit Adriana Zehbrauskas for The New York Times The big question, critics contend, is whether all those people actually get the health care the government has promised. Under the plan, children with a disease called leukemia have been cured, women with cancer have been receiving treatment , elderly people with cataract operations and people with H.I.V. are assured their drugs. Usually no cost. Even critics who argue that the government is failing to live
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