The Mexican Revolution Essay

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The significance of the Mexican revolution lies not in the repercussions this insurrection exerted on the international level, but rather in the way it served as a precursor to the direction the 20th century would follow. For while Mexico had gained significance internationally by being a leading exporter of raw material under Porfioro Diaz, it was not the only Latin American, or Luso-American country to follow this route. One must also bear in mind that the materials being exported out of Mexico were not exclusive to the region. Even within it’s geographic hemisphere, the Mexican revolution did not lead to the massive changes that the American Revolution had caused. Yet that is not to say that the Mexican revolution is not a significant …show more content…
During the conversation between Ludivinia Menchacha and her son Pederito, owners of the Hacienda Artemio Cruz grew up on, the methods of Diaz’s followers were mentioned, “Have you come to tell me that there is no more land or greatness for us, that others have taken advantage of us as we took advantage of the original owners.1” She continues with, “That the enemies we had shot so we could be the masters, or the ones whose tongues were cut out or hands were cut off on your father’s orders so that he could continue to be the master…were victorious one day and set our house on fire and took away what wasn’t ours, what we had by force not by right?2” What the author was alluding to was the vicious cycle of the new elite plundering the established elites economic base. Santa Ana’s followers were given unlawful land grants for their service to him, and Diaz allowed his followers to continue this tradition and confiscated all of Santa Ana’s loyalist’s wealth. Hence one can see that the apprehension to share power with emerging middle class was based on valid concerns. This emerging new elite class, one that is characterized by Artemio Cruz, did continue this plundering cycle after overthrowing the old regime. The meeting between Don Gamaliel and Artemio demonstrates this tendency, for while Artemio is an archetype for the emerging elite class, Don Gamaliel embodies the old hacienda owners. “Artemio Cruz. So that was the name of the new world rising out of the civil war;

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