The Mexican Revolution

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Mexico’s Revolution Ariel Elias HIST 112 Proffesor Cummings 17 February 2013 Ariel Elias Professor Cummings Hist 112 17 February 2013 Mexico’s Revolution Many nations across time and the world have experienced a revolution. From the American revolution to the French revolution, history has proven conflict can engage a nation at any moment. Tanter explains that two possible scenarios, changes in the economic development and the level of education are likely to cause revolutions (Tanter 264). A revolution can be composed of a group of individuals who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in exchange for change in the existing…show more content…
Chavez states that for men and boys there was only one option during the revolution, becoming a soldier (Chavez 423). Young Mexico believed that the revolution would bring social justice and a stronger Mexico. The men from the mountains, farms and villages would unite under leaders such as Emiliano Zapata and fight against larger Mexican armies. There was a sense of pride and purpose in the revolution. The revolution empowered the average Mexican and encouraged them to fight. Knight states that revolutionaries had inadequate arms and training, but managed to dominate battles against a superior Mexican army (Knight 31). Eventually following many years of fighting a man named Alvaro Obregon was elected president. Washington states that the ideals of the Mexican revolution would eventually provide the people with a Constitution in 1917 (Washington 505). Mexico would finally reach a point in history where nation could focus on the entire nation and not an elite group. Mexico suffered ten years of war, suffering, and turmoil. Mexican leaders during 1910-1920 were unable to hold the country together and a revolution consumed the nation. The Mexican people grew tired of political greed, lack of support, and unequal treatment. Several leaders such as President Diaz would prove to be a man of one interest, himself. Others would quickly rise against him and attempt to claim the presidency. General Huerta and Francisco

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