The Mexican War Essay

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The Mexican War

The factors that started the Mexican War lay heavily on American shoulders. Whether if the factors were created by social, political or economical needs, they have all become the center of attention for the question of being a national interest or disgrace. However, the Americans felt that they existed for “…spreading the blessings of peace.” according to Andrew Jackson. There will always be controversy between the two sides of this matter, the Americans who feel that it had to be done, to the Mexicans who felt that it was an injustice done to their nation.

First of all, socially, the Americans felt that it was their duty to spread their blessings of democracy and peace. Through manifest destiny, they
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James Polk felt that it was his duty to take it by force and took the matter under his control. Since John Tyler’s decision to hold off the war until Mexico made the initial attack, Polk took it upon himself to provoke the Mexicans. To accomplish this, he sent troops to the Rio Grande and marched them along the border until the Mexicans made their attack. After the report of the attack was delivered, Abraham Lincoln proposed the “Spot Resolutions” to find the exact location of the American bloodshed on “American soil”. However, the Spot Resolutions were built upon false statements; the Mexicans’ attack was premeditated and actually took place on Mexican land. Polk was successful in starting the desired Mexican War which ultimately led to the defeat of the weaker adversary Mexico and the attainment of California.

Along with the desire of new land, there were other contributing factors that initiated the war with Mexico. There were also political and economical factors that were as equally important in the start of the war. With most of the Mexican land below the 34o30` line, the Democrats and the southern states were pushing for the war. With the increased amount of representatives for the southern states, there would finally be a tiebreaker in the free-slave argument. Without saying, the Whigs of the northern states were opposed to the

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