The Mexican War : The Cause Of The Mexican American War

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The Mexican American war was started in 1845; the main cause of the war then was whether the border of Texas would be at Nueces River the claim of Mexico or at the Rio Grande that was being claimed by United States. U.S. forces emerged victorious and as a result they were able to acquire more than 500,000 square miles of the Mexican territory and it extended westward all the way from Rio Grande to Pacific Ocean. However, tension between America and Mexico had been building for so long since when the Mexican government gave an invitation to the Anglo settlers back in the 1820. The long standing Anglo grievances that were in most times owned and made by the Mexican government became another big reason that later resulted to the war("Mexican-American War | Definition, Timeline, Causes, & Facts") p. 34. The Anglo settlers of Texas were before then invited by the Spanish government of Mexico to settle in Texas in 1821. The first colony then that had about 300 families and headed led by Stephen F. Austin settled at the coastline to a depth of 150 miles, the area or the said coastline later became the present day Houston. Even before the war in 1845, the Mexican and Americans never had a smooth relationship as it is said back in the year 1831 it is when the major grievance arose between the Texans and Mexican government. This was ignited during the dictatorial regime of Bustamente who threatened to take away the holdings of Anglo settlers. Bustamente never bended his dictatorial
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