The Mexican -american War And The Annexation Of The Republic Of Texas Essay

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Juan Garcia Instructor Froese History 11 December 6, 2016 The Mexican -American War and the Annexation of the Republic of Texas (1836-1845) Since the United States was founded as an independent nation from Great Britain, its people had confronted many economic, political, and social problems. The United States started to expand its territory in the western part of the country. Some examples are the Louisiana purchase from1803 and the Spanish Florida annexation. One of the most significant and controversial in the antebellum years was the Texas annexation which was a result of the War between Mexico and the war of independence by Texan rebels on the late 1830’s and 1840’s. Therefore, the annexation of the Republic of Texas existed from 1836-1845 produced controversy and consequences on both sides of the border. In order to understand the consequences of the war, it is important to mention some struggles that confront both countries. First, in 1803, the United States had purchased the territory of Louisiana claiming that the purchase also includes the territory of Texas. The Spanish responded by closing the border where many mercenaries had been penetrated. However, the Spanish attempt to colonization failed; as a consequence, the Texas territory was scarcely populated. The Spanish crown allow the immigration of residents of Spanish Louisiana and Florida to settle in the territory of Texas. Yet, there some important conditions: they must belong to the Roman Catholic Church

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