The Mibrobiome

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The Microbiome Jessica Isch Assignment 1 BIOL 1333-012 Abstract: The purpose of this lab is to look for and identify microbiomes in pond water as well as distilled water with beans in it to further expand our knowledge of living organisms. With each test, identification is attempted and documented. After observations it was concluded that both samples contained microorganisms but only the pond water showed mobile organisms. Hypothesis: I expect to see organisms from two distinct biomes because of the origins of the two water samples. Due to this I expect to see different living organisms in each sample. From the pond water I expect to see both consumers and producers, whereas the bean water will contain only consumer organisms.…show more content…
The source should not be potable as there is a greater chance of finding microorganisms in impure water than in purified water. If there is no pond or stream nearby, standing water near a building or drainage ditch can be used. Place a coffee filter inside the mouth of the funnel. Place the funnel in a small clean glass so it is suspended and kept from falling over, but so that there is enough room to hold half a cup of liquid below the funnel mouth. Fill the 50-mL graduated cylinder with the collected pond water, and try to also grab some of the scum from the pond as well. Stir or gently swirl the pond water to distribute the organisms throughout the water. Slowly pour the water sample through the filter at a rate of about 2–3 mL at a time. Repeat so that at least 100 mL of pond water passes through the filter. Remove the coffee filter from the funnel after all of the water sample has drained through it. Observe if there are any organisms large enough to see without magnification on the filter paper. Quickly draw them for later identification and include in your lab report. Firmly grab the sides of the filter and gently squeeze the collected residue from the pond water, so that you can add a drop of the water from the residue to a clean glass slide. Carefully apply a cover slip to the slide. Place the wet mount slide under the pocket microscope and look at the organisms

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