The Michael Brown Legacy : Police Brutality And Minority Prosecution Essay

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1. Onyemaobim, Ikedi O. “The Michael Brown Legacy: Police Brutality and Minority Prosecution.” George Mason University Civil Rights Law Journal, vol. 26, Issue 2, pg. 157-182. Academic Search Premier. Web 7 Nov. 2016
This article was basically about the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO by a white police officer named, Darren Wilson. The death of Michael Brown led to violent protests which lasted for weeks. Several weeks later, the officer who was responsible for the death of Ferguson teenage, Michael Brown, was not indicted by the Grand Jury of Ferguson. Shortly, there was an uproar ad more protests broke out across the state of Missouri and the United States as a whole.

2. Shabazz, Saeed. "Activists claim that police brutality is alive and well in America." New York Amsterdam News 22 Oct. 2009: 3+. Academic Search Premier. Web. 9 Nov. 2016.
This article is discussing the fourteenth year anniversary of the, “October 22, 2009 Coalition against Police Brutality and the Criminalization of a Generation.” This day is significant because it’s basically just a day full of protests in cities from Pensacola, Florida to Seattle, Washington. Every year, this organization posts their “Call to Action,” but this year’s Call to Action happens to be: “October 22, wear black! Join our protest and fight back.” The co-founder of this day is, Carl Dix of the Revolutionary Communist Party and he told AmNews: “This year is crucial in the fight to stop Police Brutality.” Councilman
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