The Micro And Macro Factors Affecting The Company

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Rachelle Ahmad Talaye Attaran Alexander Mori Laurence Zweegers SAMSUNG Introduction and Background of the Company This paper is about the micro and macro factors affecting the chosen company with particular focus on Political, Environmental, Social, and Technological (PEST) analysis. Samsung is one of the world largest companies that mainly focus on electronic products to their worldwide clients. The company was founded as a minor business in 1938, before advancing and expanding their operations in 1947 after expanding to Seoul (Chang, 2011). Today, the company is a major electronics manufacturer and distributor with their headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. Samsung consists of various ancillary allied firms that all operate under the brand name of Samsung. Some of the noted ancillary firms include, but not limited to, Samsung electronics, Samsung C & T, Samsung engineering, and Samsung heavy industries. Among these, Samsung electronics is the most recognized subsidiary of Samsung Corporation due to its worldwide brand. Currently, Samsung operates in the consumer appliances and consumer electronics, manufactures, and other range of products such as phones, Television, Washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, calculators, among other products. In the consumer electronics section, Samsung Company has gained a giant market share for itself, resulting in significant profits. Many people have linked the tremendous growth of Samsung over a relatively
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