The Mid-life Crisis Essay examples

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Mid-life Crisis 1

Mid-life transition can be seen as a difficult process because it is the point of our lives where we start to accept the end of our youth and begin the process of aging. For those who do not have a smooth emotional transition can suffer from a mid-life crisis.

What is mid-life crisis?
Someone who would be going through a “Mid-life crisis” is that of the age between 40 and 60("Development in midlife," 2004). It is the point during our lives where we go through periods of self-doubt, this is a natural and normal process ("Development in midlife," 2004). A mid-life crisis can be triggered by different experiences, for instance, children leaving the home, death of a parent or someone close, mid-life transition to
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What are some external factors that cause mid-life crisis? Although mid-life crisis can be triggered by difference experience, it can also be triggered by external factors. Those who have a difficult time transitioning into mid-life and suffer from a mid-life crisis is due to external factors ("Development in midlife," 2004). The transition can be more difficult because the person may be experiencing stress in their or they may have childhood issues that was never dealt with before that have come to the surface during the transition ("Development in midlife," 2004). Some examples of external factors that can make transition into mid-life difficult are debt because most people are living above their means and accumulated credit card debt ("Development in midlife," 2004). This can be problematic for someone in their middle age because they are in debt and facing retirement which causes more stress to an already stressful time. In this particular situation, someone who isn’t suffering form a mid-life crisis would seek help for their debt issue and consolidate their loans
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