The Middle Age ' Endurance

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Carter, Jennifer , M.Ed.
Developmental Psychology
5 July 2015
Humanity 's ‘Middle-Age’ Endurance ‘Middle-age’ is the term used to describe the time in an adult’s life between the ages of 45 and 65. More importantly, middle-age is an adult developmental stage. It is a time in which the adult body, and mind go through a series of changes physiologically, mentally, and emotionally. During their middle-age years, adults will exhibit signs of aging such as hair loss, gray hair, and skin losing its elasticity. Middle-age is also characterized by weight gain, and loss of physical strength. Navigating this time period is like navigating an emotional and mental minefield. This is because the effects of middle-age can have such powerful psychological effects on those who are going through the experience. For instance, middle-age is the time when adults realize and must accept their own mortality. Adults during middle-age can begin to realize that they may not be able to resolve all of their unresolved issues from their past, and too can be a time for adults to come to terms with their aging body, and their aging mind. It is a trial of sorts with old age for a trophy.
Middle-age is a developmental stage that all adults must go through leading to old age--it affects all cultures, with wide-ranging effects on those who are living through it. The ‘World Values Survey,’ sampled 80 countries, and Tara Parker-Pope writes, “That the researchers found that for both British men and women,…

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