The Middle Ages : A Look At The Dark Ages

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Zachary Plew 4/18/17 The Middle Ages is associated with the Dark Ages due to the period including social disorder, political turmoil and widespread disease. The Middle Ages was a period between 500 A.D. to 1500 A.D. during which Europe experienced many drastic changes following the fall of Rome. Some of these changes were beneficial, but the changes also caused negative effects too. Overall, the Middle Ages was a dark time for Europe. The Middle Ages was a dark time for Europe because there was widespread disease and famine. For example, "Throughout the first century of the Dark Ages Europe made slow but tangible progress and Emperor Justinian was on the verge of reuniting the continent when the bubonic plague hit and killed…show more content…
Trade was the backbone that held society up. Furthermore, this trade collapse caused a lack of culture. People started to steer away from their native cultures. This also caused a lack of education. More people became illiterate, making it increasingly difficult to learn and communicate (“The Dark Ages”). Most of all, a new social order arose from the trade collapse. This new order was Feudalism, where there was a social hierarchy. Peasants, serfs, served the lords and his nobles (“The Dark Ages: Really So Dark?”). This emphasizes the major importance of trade in Europe, and the medieval peoples would be nowhere without it. One last reason as to why the Middle Ages was a dark time for Europe is the constant threat of violence. Case in point, "Whether as witnesses, victims or perpetrators, people from the highest ranks of society to the lowest experienced violence as an omnipresent danger in daily life" (“10 Dangers of the Medieval Period”). This demonstrates that no matter where you go, man or woman, there will be violence everywhere. Consequently, this everyday violence would lead to bigger things, like war. The religions of the time were constantly fighting, and it eventually led to the Crusades, a conflict between the Muslims and Christians (“The Dark Ages”). The people and countries were also constantly fighting causing lords of the time to struggle for power and countries attack each other. Outside forces, like the Huns, invaded these weakened countries, which
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