The Middle Class And The Affordable Care Act

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While researching the topic of the middle class and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) otherwise known as Obamacare, I found many articles about the impacts of the ACA on the middle class. The majority of these articles discussed how the ACA has negatively impacted the middle class and has made the middle class Americans have to pay higher taxes and premiums. These articles also show that for those who were previously uninsured, the cost of medical care has gone up. My goal in this paper is to show how the ACA has negatively impacted the lower middle class and how certain aspects of the ACA could be adjusted to have a more positive impact on lower middle class and upper lower class families. To help me to reach this goal, I will first be…show more content…
In 2010, a Patient’s Bill of Rights was put into place to protect consumers from the worst abuses of the insurance industry, such as prohibiting denying coverage of children based on pre – existing conditions and regulating annual limits on insurance coverage. In 2011, those with Medicare were able to get key preventive services for free and they were given discounts on brand name drugs. In 2012, Accountable Care Organizations helped doctors and health care providers work together to deliver better care. Examples of this include reducing paperwork and administrative cost and encouraging integrated health systems. In 2013, open enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace began on October 1st. In 2014, all Americans were given access to affordable health insurance options. These options include, making care more affordable and increasing the small business tax credit. In 2015, physicians were paid on value not volume meaning that physicians that provide a higher value of care will receive higher payments than those who provide lower quality care. In simpler terms, the key features of the ACA are free preventive care, protecting against health care fraud, small business tax credits, health insurance marketplace, consumer assistance, Rx discounts for seniors, and prohibiting denying coverage based on pre – existing conditions (Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs,
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