The Middle East And Iran

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the world. No other details are provided, praise Allah and be ready to leave. Specifics were not given, but she needed to plan for an extended period.
She left and returned home. She understood that the government now fell under strict sacred rule and that questions of any sort would not be tolerated, in fact questions could be interrupted as doubting the will of Allah. She went back to work and continued her routine, except her routine now had the feeling that she was being observed. Her family was savvy and understood that they should not question her on the events of the day. To most westerners, especially America, the Middle East was something they did not understand. Its easier to think of the middle east as a contrast to America.
Think about 50 states sharing boarders and interests with no binding constitution to consolidate shared interests and govern disputes. This is essentially what you have in the middle east. Iran and Iraq are mortal enemies as are the Saudi’s and Iran, multiply this complexity across the entire region and you get an appreciation for the difficulties. All the countries make decisions based on their best interest, decisions will have consequences that are predictable, its the unpredictable that causes the real pain.
The unintended consequences that change the world forever are easily observed in hindsight. For WW II to come together the “winners” in WW I had to become even more oppressive against the Germans causing pain and depression.
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