The Middle East Conflict Essay

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The Middle East Conflict

The country previously known as Palestine but now as Israel has sparked major military and political confrontations between Arabs and Israelis during the 20th century in the Middle East.

The area, which both groups of people claim is rightly their homeland is smaller then Britain, surrounded on the West by the Mediterranean Sea and on the other sides by neighbouring Arab countries.

The Israeli's believe it is rightly their homeland because they originally inhabited it, but the Romans took control of the area in 63Ad. After two rebellions failed, the Jews were expelled from Jerusalem and most travelled into Judea. The Jews were no longer a majority in Palestine.
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This shows that ideas even between the same people are divided on the issue. However within Israel/Palestine is the city of Jerusalem the birthplace of the three major religions-Christianity, Judaism and Islam. For this reason both the Arabs and the Jews claim that the land is theirs because it contains a place of religious importance.

Both the Jews and Arabs have equally significant claims to the land of Israel/Palestine.

During the time when the Arabs lived in the land, Israelis were dispersed across the world. The majority lived in Europe or North America, but the Jews were persecuted in Europe. Germany, Russia, Austria, and France were countries that all shared anti-Semitic views during the 19th century. Many times Jews were forced to leave a country they had settled in. In 1933 the dictator Adolf Hitler started his Nazi regime in Germany, which reflected his deeply anti-Semitic views. During the 2nd World War (1939-1945) Hitler put into practise his ideas, which lead to the extermination of millions of Jews in the 'Holocaust'. The few survivors of the 'Holocaust' believed that they were chosen by God to set up a state of Israel where they could not be persecuted, and they began to support Zionism. Zionism was an idea founded by Theodor Herzl, that the Jews should retake the

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