The Middle East

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Bahauddin Foizee :The Middle East, especially the West Asian region, is the most volatile region in the world. The major reason of such regional instability is the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran. One of these two rivals, Iran, has been suffering from a weak economy for decades because of the economic sanctions that are imposed on it by the International community for quite a long now. However, on 14th July, 2015, a deal was signed between Iran and the UNSC 5 plus 1 (Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the U.S.) on the Iran-nuclear-programme, creating a scope for the long-drawn economic sanctions to be lifted. The deal requires Iran to limit its nuclear usage; and in return, years-long sanctions are promised to be lifted from Iran.Why did the US agree to sign the deal?The US has signed an important deal with Iran; the same Iran on which the US has kept its sanctions imposed for more than three decades. Why did such sudden change happen in the U.S. 's 'Iran policy '?The US is no other nation state. It 's an ideological state, whose ideology is core capitalism. A core capitalist state like the US would not step away from its firm stand unless it benefits from such move in multiple ways and in great quantities. It seems the following factors have pushed the US to come into the decision of signing the deal with its adversary Iran:Ø The US cannot be at odds at the same time with too many opponents, which includes Brazil, China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, North…

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