The Middle East Is A Part Of The World

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The Middle East is a part of the world that is no stranger to visitors. Many different countries and groups of people have found themselves in the Middle East at one point or another. One of the biggest reasons is oil; oil is something that makes the entire world function and the Middle East has some of the largest in the world. This amount of oil has let the Middle East almost control the world’s economy and indirectly controlled security. Many Middle East citizens think very negatively of the west and of its people, which is completely justified. Whether by accident or on purpose, the west had destroyed a lot of the culture and families inside the Middle East.
The Middle East is a region of the world that is rich in natural resources, including but not limited to coal and natural gas. But, their biggest and the majority of the reason of the west is so involved is oil. Almost everything on earth is made from oil. It fuels our cars, runs our buildings, and creates our goods. The United States, and the western developed world in general, use the majority of the world’s oil, with the US being the biggest at about 60% use. The Middle East has some of the largest oil reserves in the entire world. That is why we are so interested in that part of the world. We want their oil so we can function properly. Their oil is also much different from other countries. Many countries in the Middle East are part of OPEC, a group of nations that are tied together thanks to oil exports.…
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