The Middle East Is A Part Of The World

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The Middle East is a part of the world that is no stranger to visitors. Many different countries and groups of people have found themselves in the Middle East at one point or another. One of the biggest reasons is oil; oil is something that makes the entire world function and the Middle East has some of the largest in the world. This amount of oil has let the Middle East almost control the world’s economy and indirectly controlled security. Many Middle East citizens think very negatively of the west and of its people, which is completely justified. Whether by accident or on purpose, the west had destroyed a lot of the culture and families inside the Middle East. The Middle East is a region of the world that is rich in natural resources,…show more content…
Because of this, OPEC’s oil will last longer and eventually be the only left in the world. Oil is also traded around the world using the United States dollar. So not only is the United States invested because of the transactions they make themselves, they are indirectly involved with every oil purchase on earth. This has helped make the United States as one of the world’s best economies. But, the fact that oil is purchased in the dollar gives the United States another big reason to stay involved in the Middle East, to ensure it is being price fairly. Another more modern reason of America’s constant involvement in the Middle East involves terrorism. Between the search for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and the search for Osama Bin Laden the United States found themselves involved in the Middle East. Now, the search for ISIS has given the US more of a reason to stay involved. But oil and natural resources is what brought them there in the first place. Because of all this involvement regarding resources, the Middle East has a lot of skin in the game regarding the United States economy and US security at large. Middle Eastern oil is something that we cannot live without. Also many businesses operate using oil so when there is a lack of oil, many businesses cannot function. We saw what happens when US oil exports are limited. After we refused to corporate with Saudi Arabia in the 1973, they decided to place an
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