The Middle East On Social Media

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The term don’t judge a book by it’s cover has so much meaning to it and since the dawn of time our world as we know it is taken by labels that we live by today. My ethnicity alone has these very labels that by nature have grown on one another. When one would talk about the middle east on social media the first thing that comes to mind is the war and countless bloodshed that spilled and the impact it had on many lives. All the stories distributed by social media display attacks and war in the middle east, portray all middle easterners to be muslim, and only tell the tale of terrorists to the public.

Social media is only showing people, very little stories about Middle Easterners. One of those shameful stories is the tale of war, violence, and suffering. A few misconceptions people have is that all Middle Eastern’s are dangerous. This is due to social media and the tales being spread. Anne Barnard says in her article for The New York Times, "Lebanon has weathered waves of political assassinations, street skirmishes and wars; Israeli airstrikes leveled whole apartment blocks in 2006". Anne Barnard may not realize it, but she is distributing one story about the Lebanon, my home country. Which, is really a beautiful country with many small towns and tight communities. Yes, there is the story of war and violence, but there is also a story of family and culture. No one hears about the positive in the Middle East. The ungraceful representation of the Middle East is embarrassing
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