The Middle East

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The different governments that have emerged in the Middle East are being destroyed one after the other which shows how stability has not been achieved in the last century during post colonial times. Post colonial refers to anything, which is occurring or existing after the end of the colonial era. Colonial means a country or even a area under the full control of another country and run by people from such country settling in the country which is under control.
On the 1st July 1962 a vote was held in Algeria. Nearly six million votes favoured independence and less than 17,000 against independence. Two days later Algeria is recognised as an independent nation.
After achieving independence, FLN(front de liberate national) the party with independence consisted of three people, ahmed ben bella as premier, houari boumedienne as minister of defense and muhammed khidr as the head of the party.
This party basically was supposed to lead Algeria into success as a country, but after Muhammed Khidr resigned in april 1963 and leaving abroad with the funds the party intended to fix the problems in Algeria and make Algeria a neutral country with, it all started going down hill from here.
1965 Boumedienne and the army remove ahmed ben bella from his position and place him under house arrest, where he stayed for thirteen years.
Boumedienne dies 1978 and the FLN nominate an army colonel to take his position, chadli bendjedid. In 1989 Bendjedid introduces a new constitution where…

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