The Middle East

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The present battle in the Middle East, specifically in Iraq, is in part because of a conflict between the different cultures rooted there. Beneath these cultural differences are theories based on the different religious belief systems in the variety of cultures. There are three major religious based out of the middle east, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Why do these religions have such a rift between them, if their principles are similar? All three of the religions have similar qualities, and many differences, but is that still a reason to compete with each other the way that they do? Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all pray to one God, recognize Jesus Christ,share the Old Testament and carry Holy books. They share a common belief…show more content…
The main difference between the three Abrahamic religions is that most Christians believe in the Holy Trinity, tough some various branches don’t. That God is composed of three parts (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). However, in Islam and Judaism there is only one God,similar to the 'Father ' of Christianity, with no partner, son or equal spirit. Muslims do believe that Jesus had once been a prophet, but not God, nor the son of God himself. In Judaism, Jesus is considered a false messiah and Jews do not believe in him at all. In Islam and Judaism, there is no concept of original sin, whereas Christians believe in original sin. There are many more differences between the three religions,
Some conflicts between Jews and Christians include, man is born good and innocent, there is no such thing as original sin,an individual is responsible for his own mistakes and no one else can atone for those mistakes, and man becomes closer to HaShem (The Creator) through his actions, blind faith is meaningless (Quora). Islam, for the most part, actually falls somewhere between Judaism and Christianity. Islam is strictly monotheistic with Allah having no form nor gender, and Jesus is strictly a prophet, nothing more, and there is a devil, heaven and hell (Quora).
Judaism and Islam both claim heritage dating back to
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