The Middle East Essay

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Over thousands of years Arab’s and Jewish civilizations have made deep historical roots in Palestine along with many emotional attachments. At the end of the 19th century Arab nationalism and political Zionism were starting to steak claims to the same land. These two groups would start the fire for what will become civil wars, bitter disputes, and lasting relations though the 20th century. The British wanting to break the chocolate and also pick their piece would try to settle disputes in the Middle East so that they could lay claims to the natural resources of the land. In doing this the British would double deal and both sides would be left with nothing (Khouri). The Problems in the Middle East have been going on for centuries creating a large puzzle that will never reveal a picture of harmony. The Jewish civilization had the first contact with the Middle East in 1800 B.C. when Abraham lead his people through the outskirts of the Palestinian land. Abraham and his decedents would end up in Egypt where they grew in great numbers until Abraham leads them out again (Khouri). The Jews would later return to the same land around the 12th century B.C. and were united by David. David would extend the Palestinian boarders. David’s son Solomon had built the first temple in Jerusalem during the 10th Century. These united people would last for more than 200 years before being absorbed by the civilizations of Judah and Israel. These first united Jewish people under one man would
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