The Middle East Peace Process

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This investigation will closely examine and show a detailed evaluation and explanation of the role played by Jimmy Carter in the Middle East peace process and will answer the question: For what reasons and in what ways did President Carter mediate the Camp David Accords and set the precedent for future peace agreement between the Arab World and Israel?
The primary sources which will be evaluated are a biography of the life of Carter, which unfolds in an orderly manner the events that led up to Carter’s peaceful diplomatic relation with both factions of the everlasting problem - Arab world and Israel, and a comprehensive historical account about the meeting that resolved the high tension between the Arab world and Israel at Camp David in 1978.
The Much Too Promised Land; America’s Elusive Search for Arab-Israeli Peace
This book was published in 2008 and was written by Aaron David Miller. Miller has played a key role in U.S. efforts to negotiate Arab-Israeli Peace for almost 20 years. He served as an advisor to presidents, secretaries of state, and national security. The purpose of this book was to “without partisanship or finger-pointing honestly record what went right, what went wrong”(Miller 24) and to see “how we got where we are today”(Miller 28) in the context of Middle East peace and policies regarding Jimmy Carter and his initiative to find a solution and build his legacy as a president.. The book provides valuable anecdotal evidence from President Jimmy Carter,
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