The Middle Eastern Country Of Syria

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Over five years ago, the middle-eastern country of Syria was plunged into the worst civil war of its history, culminating in large scale death and destruction nationwide. As at October 2015 the devastating death toll of the war exceeded half a million people, over 100,000 of those being civilians. Approximately 18 million people still live in the war torn country, with over 7 million of those people being internally displaced, meaning they have been forced to leave their homes (Gardner, 2016). Now, with more than 4.2 million refugees fleeing into neighboring countries and further into Eastern Europe, the Syrian war has been classified as one of the largest humanitarian crises of our time (Khawaja, 2016). With nearly half Syria’s population now displaced or made refugees by a protracted and chaotic conflict, it is clear that the world is seeing an unparalleled breach of Human Rights issues in Syria. The forces of ISIS and the Syrian government are causing untold damage to the lives of innocent people within the region, as well as impacting on neighboring countries who are struggling to accommodate the influx of refugees.

What began on March 18th 2011 as a peaceful protest objecting to the arrest and torture of 15 school children, alone speaking about the nature of government abuse preceding the war, for writing anti-government graffiti, exploded into intense anger towards the Syrian government nationwide as the Syrian army opened fire on the crowd killing four civilians.
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