The Middle Eastern People And Asians Essay

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Ethnicity 1 I believe they, the Middle Eastern people and Asians were already being stigmatized way before 9/11, especially the Asians during WW II, and it took them 20 years later to repeal the two laws which allowed for imprisonment of people, deemed to be in collaboration with foreign enemies and the second which was the Executive Order 9066, that used the presidential power of the Chief Executive Officer to order the wartime imprisonment of Japanese Americans. Japanese Americans in Concentration Camps. (n.d.). After 9/11 it has become worse, not only for the Middle Eastern people and Asians but for other ethnic people too. There seems to be a mentality or rather narrow mindedness that people have and it is not just in the U.S. but all over, no thanks to the media**. It is the mentality of "them against us", if these newcomers (immigrants) cannot or will not embrace our way of life, then there is something wrong with them or if there is a rise in crime or violence, it is because of them, the immigrants that brought all these problems to us and we have to put a stop to it by any means necessary which would include profiling that of which law enforcement do when tracking a suspect in a criminal case and to track down these terrorists is no different. It is just a fact of life, that all ethnic groups are always going to be profiled and assumptions are always going to be made about each ethnic group despite the
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