The Middle Of The Ride Analysis

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Rowan O’Connell
HLA8 Hour 7
The Middle of the Ride
“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them” (Maya Angelou, Letter to My Daughter). Looking back on my 8th grade year I wish I had known to be myself and not let the events in my life reduce me. Sadly, I had to live through some rough patches to be able to learn to be myself. My 8th grade year relates greatly to the song The Middle by Jimmy Eat World. I chose to break this song into three main categories, one about not giving up, another about how everyone is insecure in middle school and the last about discovering who I am and not caring what other people think. I was involved in lots of drama this year, a lot
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I found a new group of people who accept me for who I am. These girls brought out my goofy side from where it was being kept prisoner by the fake identity I had created to fit in. Although these girls helped me so much I cannot give them all the credit. The other person who helped me discover the real me was quite unexpected. Mr. Halvorson who was both my English teacher and advisor unknowingly made a huge difference in who I am right now. When I was depressed he gave me a class to look forward to. This was the first time I had ever formed a bond with a teacher and I actually enjoyed class. For once in my life I felt like I belonged in a class, that I mattered, and that I could make a difference. This new confidence in myself encouraged me to take chances, to “Try your best. Try everything you can” like they say in The Middle by Jimmy Eat World. I took this confidence and channeled it towards the activities and hobbies I love. I tried out for an alpine ski team and I started tennis, both of which I ended up enjoying which in turn built up my confidence even more. I found the courage to audition and perform solos in front of my entire choir class. I also decided to share my art with people. My art teacher ended up showcasing all of my projects. By broadening my horizons and being more confident I discovered what makes me who I
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