The Middle Passage And The Transatlantic Slave Trade

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Professor Gray
History 1301-155
June 22, 15
The Middle Passage During history there has been plenty of slave trade in different countries. They have traded different ethnicities, and each had a different means of use for these people. What is intriguing is how they commuted these people and how this process has impacted their descendants. A major use of trade in history was the middle passage that was part of the transatlantic slave route. “The transatlantic slave trade concerns history of three continents over four centuries and it has served as a crucial element of New World protohistory since the slave trade soared in the eighteenth century in response to the increasing demand for unfree labor in both the Caribbean and the antebellum south.”(Lambert, 332) From Lamberts excerpt you can conclude that the slavery portion of the transatlantic slave trade was the middle passage, which was the most pressing of the three trade routes. So, part of the trade was in Africa and the final destination was in the southern United States and the Caribbean. To get these slaves from Africa to the United States they used large boats that could carry lots of people. Aboard these ships, some of the seaman kept journals and had entries about these slaves and their actions. Lambert gave an example of one of these journals saying, “Blacks rebellious. Crew uneasy. Our linguist says their moaning is a prayer for deaths, ours and their own. Some try to starve themselves. Lost three…
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