The Middle Phase Of Learning

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In Queensland schools, the Middle Phase of Learning is a distinct period for students in the Year 4 to Year 9 cohorts. It is divided into two phases. The onset of the Middle Phase of Learning is a time of transition, many learners are keen to discover and investigate an extensive range of learning experiences. However, some learners begin to lose interest and progress in learning may diminish. The subsequent phase for learners, is filled with challenges. Physical, emotional, intellectual and social issues can impact upon students learning. For learners to be prepared for the senior phase of learning, student’s curiosity and enthusiasm must be nurtured and further opportunities provided to enable learners to gain knowledge and skills if progress slows. (

During this phase, learners are shifting from concrete to abstract thinking and have emergent capacity for higher order analysis and reflection. They are also moving towards more rational decision making and an improved understanding of the consequences of behaviour.
Middle Phase learners have an increasing interest in ethical and moral enquiries and exploring real world social issues. For many students, the transition from primary to secondary school can be stimulating and stress-free, while others feel fearful and hesitant as they have a powerful need to belong and accepted by their peers. Subsequently, Middle Phase learners strive to be independent, but while outwardly
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