The Middle School And High School

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Section Two: Review of Literature Almost all people have gone through it and know the difficulties and challenges of being a freshman in high school. Not only do freshman skills and attitudes grow before your eyes, but their bodies also morph so quickly that you barely even recognize your students by the end of the year (Donegan, 2008). The review of literature has shown that the transition from middle school to high school is extremely difficult in all facets of a teenager’s life. Freshman students are challenged academically, emotionally, and socially. These challenges are many times the cause of students falling behind and off track for graduation at the conclusion of their freshman year.

The Freshman Challenge Currently at Morton West High School there are approximately 900 freshman students in the Freshman Academy. The following excerpt from Northwest Education shows the challenges for freshman students throughout their high school and post-secondary educational journeys.
Picture 100 newly minted ninth-graders, ready to embark on their high school career. Four years later, that same group will have noticeably shrunk: Only 67 will have completed high school and just 38 will enroll in higher education. The group snapshot contracts even further as the years roll by: Just 26 will return to classes after their freshman year and only 18 of our original 100 students will have completed a bachelor’s degree within six years or an associate’s degree within three years.…
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