The Middle School Profession Essay

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When entering the middle school profession, it is important to remember who we are there to serve, the students who are there to learn. When looking at this I cannot help but think of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and more importantly how as an educator, I can serve those needs more effectively. With students growing up more rapidly than ever before, teachers must strive to understand their swinging emotions, test their moral boundaries, and challenge them in their learning. It is safe to say that these needs will take time and effort to meet. I believe that as an educator, I am responsible for meeting these needs through challenging coursework, making time to allow my students to socialize, and allowing my students to trust that I can help them emotionally if they require it. These are just a few steps that I can take to advance my philosophy. Per “This We Believe: Keys to Educating Young Adolescents” a successful School is described as developmentally responsive, challenging, empowering, and equitable for all its students and consists of sixteen different categories. The first category identifies a developmentally responsive curriculum. This simply means curriculum that is suited best to the needs of the students based on where they are in their developmental stages. The curriculum should be challenging in that the student should and can be held to high expectations, and empowering to provide them with the sense that they can do what is asked of them. Further, it should
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