The Middle Sexes Anthony Thomas

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Response 1: The Middle Sexes
The documentary Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She sheds light on the difficult lives of individuals who identify with the opposite gender. The writer Anthony Thomas uses biology to prove to the audience that intersexual’s didn’t necessarily make that choice for themselves. Thomas says that on in every hundred people is born with unidentifiable genitalia (Thomas). This is referred to as intersex. The beginning of the film focuses on a young boy named Noah who takes interest in the stereotypical “girly or feminine” activities. This movie has lead me to realize that society's perspective on gender and sexuality is heavily influenced by the media. The media strictly portrays what society knows as the norms of human
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They should have the right to dress as they choose, love who they choose, and be who they choose. It angers me that people believe differently considering they’ve never been in their shoes. In the “Paradoxes of Gender” Judith Lorber states, “We need to change biological sex in order to uphold the principle that biological sex determine one character”(41). Lorber's’ preconceived notion that one’s sex dictates their personality is flawed. It proves that society is unaccepting of people outside of the “norm”. Middle Sexes speaks to a wide variety of people but is mainly directed to transphobic people. However, the film isn’t very compelling because it doesn’t take the audience’s outlook into consideration. Through biological evidence and personal stories, the film strives to persuade transphobic people to be more accepting. Thomas attempts to persuade his target audience by referencing the science behind people who blur the lines between female and male. His unique approach is more convincing than an argument that stems from one’s opinions. However, his lack of counterarguments makes it difficult for the audience to relate. All in all, the documentary The Middle Sexes covers many controversial topics. Some of these topics include the biology of middle sexes, the dangers of being a transgender, and societies outlook on transgenders. With much analysis, I’ve realized that this film has too narrow of a perspective on transgenders and middle sexes. The restricted perspective prevents the audience from being
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