The Migram Experiment

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The Milgram Experiment has acquired wide popularity and spread among scientists and psychologist who have expressed their doubts concerning its results. The main essence of the experience consisted in checking the way the participant obeyed to authority although they have to do harm to other participants. Hence, the person who controlled the experiment told the subject of the experiment to check memory of another volunteer on the way he/she can remember the pair of words. In case of failure of memorizing all pairs, the volunteers have to administer the electronic short to the learners, starting from 15-volt power and increasing the power as the number of wrong answer increases up to 450-volt power. The experiment was met with rigid criticism due to a number of inconsistencies and inadequacies from scientific and psychological points of view. The objectivity of the scientific experiment has been met with mixed opinions and reaction in terms of the controversy raised over meaning and ethics of the experiment. In the experiment, the scientist discovered high levels of obedience among the individual and a large percentage of the participants continued administering the electric short because of the necessity to obey the authority. It is logical that psy-scientist do not recognize the experiment as an objective process because some of the assumptions made are relative. For instance, the participants could not be considered aggressive, but the majority of those were make, who
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