The Migrant Worker : Factors

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The Migrant Worker: Factors Needed in Reshaping the Future

A migrant worker as defined by as “a person who moves from place to place to get work, especially a farm laborer who harvests crops seasonally.” Why people migrate? Is it for the family? Or is it for a personal advancement? Perhaps, you wanted to build your family a big house, buy a new car and save enough money before you retire from working. It might be your dream is to work in a place surrounded by tall buildings, busy streets, cafes, theaters, and different shops. Whatever your reasons for migrating, it has something to do with the future. A better future is what you want for yourself and family. This future is something you need to ponder because there are key factors you need to consider such as mental state, emotional state, laws, cultural and social including long-term plans (if you plan to migrate permanently or temporarily) before you migrate.

Have you ever asked this question to yourself; why I am migrating? Am I emotionally and mentally ready to migrate? Embarking a journey to the unknown place is not an easy thing. Brace your emotion and mental state for what you will encounter on the place you will get to work, especially in a country that is far different from your culture, tradition and way of living: clothes to wear, food to eat, music to listen, and a place to dwell. It might be a big culture shock for you at first, but surely, slowly, you will embrace this change and it will
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