The Migration Of European Settlers

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The migration of European settlers and culture to North America is an often examined area. One aspect of this, however, is worthy of deeper analysis. The conquest of North America by Europeans and American settlers from the 16th to 19th centuries had a profound effect on the indigenous political landscape by defining a new relationship dynamic between natives and settlers, by upsetting existing native political, economic and military structures, and by establishing a paradigm where the indigenous peoples felt they had to resist the European and American incursions. The engaging and brilliant works of Andres Rensendez and Steve Inskeep, entitled respectively “A Land So Strange” and “Jacksonland”, provide excellent insights and aide to this analysis. One profound way that the Europeans shaped the lives of the native people was through the relationship between the settlers and the indigenous people. In both novels, we can see the similarities and differences with which each side treated each other. In “A Land So Strange”, the natives are working together with Cabeza de Vaca and the other Spaniards, in healing the sick people. Rensendez states that, “when the Spaniards arrived in each new Indian community, it set an elaborate series of rituals in motion. The natives would offer shelter, food and gifts to the four men in exchange for access to their healing powers. Then, reluctant to see the medicine men go, the Indian hosts would insist on traveling with them to the next
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