The Mile High Gun Club

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The Mile High Gun Club
Imagine yourself as a passenger on a hijacked plane. The happiness that we once had escapes us and fear soon takes over. If we allow the panic to escalate, we begin to feel helpless. These understandable feelings of fear and helplessness have moved people to argue that we should arm airline pilots. Certainly it is reassuring to imagine pilots as our protectors. However, is it really a good idea to let guns fly first class? When one considers the policy of arming pilots, many look at the “What Ifs?” and stray away from the benefits of the policy. It is safe to say that the airport security at the terminals is very demanding; however, nothing is bulletproof. What security do passengers have at 10,000 feet if an attack
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In an additional article written by the Gun owner’s they express, “Similar to the previous objection, the notion that people should not have guns because an "innocent bystander might get shot" is a common refrain one regularly hears from the Brady Bunch” (Owners). Through this article I have found the concerns that people have if guns are to be present on board; however, without something on board, there will not only be one bystander that loses their life, but many. Each author is able to use a different type of writing technique in order to make his or her stand on this controversial topic. Other articles that have been mentioned later in this paper talk about just how effective this policy has been in the past. These additional articles talk about how, although this policy is now been put in to effect, there are many flaws that need to be fixed in order to make this policy perfect. No matter what technique these authors decide to use in their articles, they all understand that without some sort of policy put in place the pilots as well as the passengers are vulnerable against any future attacks. Even though safety concerns will always be present with this policy, I believe that pilots should be armed due to the increase in terror attacks and the flaws in the security systems in the airports.
The responsibility of a commercial airline pilot is not only to get their passengers from
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