The Military Decision Making Process

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The Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) is a repeating plan of procedures used to understand the situation and mission, develop a course of action, and produce an operation plan or order. The MDMP integrates the intangible and comprehensive aspects of planning and integrates the activities of the commander, staff, subordinate headquarters, and other partner involved in the planning process. We need the MDMP because it allows the leader to apply thoroughness, clarity, sound judgment, logic, and professional knowledge to understand conditions, develop choices to solve problems, and obtain results. The MDMP aids in the collaboration and planning with the higher headquarters. The higher headquarters gather and shares information concerning future operations with subordinate and neighboring units, supporting units, and unified action partners. They plan meetings, issues warning orders or use other means. The MDMP consists of 7 steps that have numerous inputs and outputs. The outputs can lead to an increasing understanding of the situation. The commanders and the staffs perform these steps consecutively. They may revisit several steps as they learn more about the situation before constructing a plan or order. The 7 steps of the MDMP are receipt of mission, mission analysis, course of action development, course of action analysis, course of action comparison, course of action approval, and orders production.

The first step is the receipt of the mission. The
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