The Military Force of Thailand

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(Simon, 2000, p. 13) This is because, for several decades, since communist aggression and until todays, internal security has become the main core focus of Thailand military forces in the aspects of defence and security of Thailand (Taylor, 2013, p. 12); compared to other aspects such as external defence. Before discussing or deliberating the roles of Thailand military forces in internal security, it is better for us to understand the definition of internal security because it might raise confusion as it both aspects are associated closely with the national interest of a country. As coined by the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste National Parliament (2003), internal security is defined as an activity or program advanced by the State (Government) with the aims to guarantee order, security and public peacefulness, to safeguards people and goods, to prevent law-breaking and contribute to guarantee the normal functioning of the democratic institutions. Through this clear definition, it is clear that external security and internal security are different with each other. In Thailand, the military undertook a crucial role of internal security pertaining to the Burmese refugees and insurgency in the southernmost of Thailand insurgency by the Malay-Muslim insurgent. (Taylor,…
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