The Military Forces in Myanmar

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As a relatively young country (in recent independence) only gaining its independence from Great Britain in 1948, Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has been crippled by the influence of its extensive colonial history . The various governments in Myanmar’s independence thus far, often run on empty promises and heavy artillery, have done little good for the country. The military forces in Myanmar have grown tremendously to the detriment of both prodemocracy leaders as well as the country’s population as a whole . Any attempted uprising in the country is quickly met with brute force as seen in the recent failed Saffron Revolution . The focus of the government on the growth of military power to the neglect of social and economic prosperity has…show more content…
Trend continued well into the Anglo-Burmese war of 1824. Burma lost and as a result had to cede of its land to British India. By 1885, the entirety of Burma was a province of British India until 1937 when it became a crown colony of Britain . It wasn’t until Japan invaded Burma in the 1940s that the Burmese were able to successfully resist foreign rule. Even in its Colonial period there was a lack of widespread internal stability, this would create the trend that would theoretically justify the harsh choices of the current government . Additionally the relative closeness of the shifts in government that occurred during the colonial period could also explain why the Burmese government has difficulty dealing with transition.
Burma officially gained its independence from Britain in 1948 by negotiations lead by nationalist leader Aung San . After the success of these negotiations San was plagued with the daunting task of unifying the various ethnic factions under one union. However before he could take any actions towards achieving this task, he was assassinated. Once again hope was lost with the deaths of San and other nationalist leaders, inter ethnic group conflicts ensued. The makeshift government that had been formed as an

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