The Military Instrument Of National Power

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Instruments of national power encompass all of the means available to a government in its pursuit of national objectives. It is expressed as diplomatic, economic, informational and military aspects. Of the four instruments of national power, the military instrument has had the most impact on the cycle of Western interaction with the rest of the world. Military strength generally determines the ability of one nation to impose its will upon another nation. Many military advancements allowed the West to become the first to explore the world and, eventually, to dominate these nations. This use of the military instrument of national power was continued when the developing world used this instrument to free themselves, or, in some cases, attempt to free themselves, from Western influence. The military instrument of national power ensured that the West would come to interact with, and dominate, the developing world, and that these developing countries would take offense to this control thus guaranteeing that their future interactions with the West would not be amicable.
The military instrument of power was one of the most influential instruments because it was one of the first to be examined as a potential instrument of power. It was not surprising that this instrument was developed after the rise of mercantilism. It was the mercantilists who were the first thinkers who undertook, although with insufficient analytical tools, the study of military potential. They were themselves

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