The Military Is An Obligation Upon Every Citizen Essay

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Serving your country should be an obligation upon every citizen. Many people devote themselves to become a part of the U.S. Military. Unfortunately, many will not become part of the U.S. Military because they believe the military is not an easy job and is not for lazy people. There are different types of tests to become enlisted in the U.S. Military. There are many opportunities to take advantage upon joining the military. Each branch of the military has its own benefit. Many people do not have good things to say about serving in the military because often they only hear the negative side. Media portrayal and familial interactions may sway a recruit one way or the other based on biases. There are a number of reasons for both joining and deciding not to join the military. However, this crucial decision is one that needs to and has to be made in order to strengthen national security. People serve for different reasons. Some include finding a good job, patriotism, some people are just bored, and some do it because of their family. Everyone should join the U.S. Military because of the salary, benefits, full medical coverage for you and your family, leadership opportunities, skills and training, and most importantly defending your nation. The first reason why everyone should join the U.S. Military is because of the financial benefits. The payment is really for everyone who wants to make a good yearly salary. There is different kind of payment for the military. There called basic
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