The Military Of The Iranian Military

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Since the Islamic Revolution of February 1979, the clerics have won themselves a solid base of supporters, in order to attempt to hold their power in the country. They have achieved this by giving the military a more passive role in the government. Although, some officers who trained under the Shah remained in the military after his departure, a less passive may be in store for the Iranian military. The regime has been able to consolidate Iran’s power in attempts to recycle power and one of the places it is most evident is in the military establishment. From the beginning of the regimes time, they had been aware of the political threat of military cadre, still loyal to the Shah. Almost immediately, the regime felt they had to deal with…show more content…
The Iranian Army must also be committed to Islamic ideology, as it falls under Khomeini’s rule. Being the major armed force in Iran, the army is, understandably, much better equipped than the other forces of Iran. This started after the end of the Iran-Iraq War. Iranian forces had been severely outgunned, which then led the Iranian parliament to announce very extensive spending in the way of military preparedness. Khomeini himself had created the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in 1979. The Guard Corps is said to be charged with protecting the achievements of the regime. Loosely translated into another means of Khomeini protecting and extending his rule of Iran and the entirety of its entities. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, however, is very different and is separate from Iran’s “regular” military. There is said to even be a rivalry between the IRGC and the regular military in Iran due to the differing views of both branches and the fact that the regular military sees them as “secret police” whose sole intention is to repress the other armed forces. Adding fuel to the rivalry was the fact that in 1982, Khomeini sent IRGC troops into Lebanon to support Hezbollah, and supporting Islamic movements in neighboring countries ever since. The Iranian military has its own intelligence branch, known as the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS).
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