The Military Use of Animals Essay

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From the earliest days of man, creative uses for animals have arisen. Since the time of them Mongolian chief Timur and Sultan Muhmad Khan, many military uses have been created. These creative ideas are still created today, now modern day countries find many uses of animals such as monkeys, seals, dolphins, goats, elephants, and other animals in the military. Though the truth is right in front of our eyes, many people do not believe that these animals show up on the battlefield and in the oceans with humans defusing bombs and attacking enemies on the other lines.
One of the first documented uses of animals in the military showed up around the year 1398. In this year the Mongolian army invaded India riding army elephants that had scimitars attached to their tusks. To stop the Mongolians and their strong army of armored elephants, Timur, the Indian Sultan, ordered all of his camels to the front lines to be covered in oil and straw, then set on fire. Just like planned, the camels charged forward scaring the elephants who retreated backwards killing and trampling the whole Mongolian army (Sloan 1).
Even though the animals in the military get the same amount of treatment and training as the humans, these tactics have now become very controversial and many people are protesting against it. The leaking of many training videos involving these military animals has not helped the military's cause. These videos show the use of monkeys and goats in medical training which is evidence…