The Milky Way : A Cherokee Tale With Painting Drawings By Virginia

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Joseph Bruchac and Gayle Ross combine efforts to write The Story of the Milky Way: A Cherokee Tale with painting-illustrations by Virginia A. Stroud. Within the first pages of the children’s book, Bruchac and Ross include individual notes for readers the explain the origin of the Cherokee story from their book. In his brief note, Bruchac does not identify as being part of the Cherokee people. In fact, he credits his knowledge of the culture to his numerous Cherokee friends, scholars and other writers. He also explains that different versions of the story exist, and that the first of which was published in 1990. In contrast, Ross identifies an intimate connection to the Cherokee people.
Ross first heard the story as a child from a booklet passed from her grandmother, a Cherokee storyteller. She continues her note by explaining that one of the elements she and Bruchac wanted to emphasize is the strength and importance of women of the Cherokee tradition in their book. Stroud provides the background story for the source that served as her inspiration for how she illustrated the Cherokee figures. Growing up near the Cherokee capital of Tahlequah, she was exposed to examples of the clothing she used as inspiration for her paintings. The background of both of the authors and the illustrator is notable because it allows readers to trust the story they are about to read and to know that the figures and clothing they see in the paintings are authentic. They respect the Cherokee

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