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Name Instructor Subject Date Rhetoric Analysis: Millennials: The Me Me Me Generation by Joel Stein Introduction The millennial generation are an interesting group of social class that are going to change the world from their own point of view regardless of how the older generations view or relate to them. The article Millennials: The Me Me Me Generation is talking about the Millennials and how the society perceives them. The millennial is a group of the social generation that were born between the years 1980s to the beginning of the millennium in 2000. These individuals are also referred to as Generation Y, as the previous was known as generation X. The group is made up of mostly teenagers and adults still in their 20s as the…show more content…
The older generation is known for calling its younger siblings lazy, very entitled, have a greater sense of self and are shallow in their thinking. However, unlike the older Generations, the author has studied the ages, he has the statistics, and he has a quote from some of the respected academic institutions. “Unlike my parents and their parents and their great grandparents, I have proof” quipped Joel, the author. (Joel, 1). He also uses his experience to support the subject, as a common user of social media; he proves his credibility on the subject matter quipping about how he knows his twitter followers far much better. Stein emphasises on is credibility by having data, thus quoted “this article is absolutely true” because of the fact that he has the information that is credible The author was also keen to introduce others subject as a means of proving the credibility of the subject of his article, adding a second subject and emphasizing the credibility as he did in the first paragraph of the article adds more to the primary objective. Roy Baumeister is a psychology professor in the Florida state university who helps in emphasizing how the Millennials have a great self-esteem that is good at getting a job but cannot maintain it, same to relationships calling it an “honest mistake.” (Joel, 1). Pathos Stein meticulously uses pathos as a way of applying a persuasive writing style through his appeal to the emotions of
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