The Millennial Generation

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A millennial generation out in the world with missing pieces. It is said that the millennials have a certain feeling of entitlement these days. This all has to do with the bubble we have created for this generation that once they have to go out to reality they lose themselves. We have led millennials to believe that just because they want something they can have it, but we have not shown them the necessary skills to work for it. This millennial generation does not have the same principles and ethics that were instilled in previous generations. I agree with Sinek. The parenting structure we have created for this generation is one of the reasons for their self-interested entitlement. The impact technology has on their daily lives also adds an additional stressor to the emotional behavior. Millennials are in such a rush to make an impact on the world without taking the time to build the necessary skills to achieve this. I will now discuss my evidence. The parental structure we have created has led millennials to believe they are entitled to what they desire. Sinek said” So we have an entire generation that is growing up with lower self-esteem than previous generations.” What Sinek means is that we have built up these millennials to believe just because they want or desire something they can have it. Parents will go to extremes to make sure their millennial children get things they want without necessarily deserving or needing them. However, when this millennial generation gets

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