The Millennial Generation and the Families

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The Effects of the Joblessness have on The Millennial Generation and the Families Catherine Simmons Composition 1010, Class TTH 10:50 Professor Vicki Vitelli October 12, 2010 Don Peck paints a depressing picture of the future of America in his article “How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America”. Unemployment is a disease that has plagued our country for decades, but this country has always survived and recovered. America will survive this high unemployment. Although the high unemployment threatens the career path of this generation, it is more than able to survive through a positive outlook and continuing education, but American families may not be able to return to the traditional appearance because this…show more content…
For example, the father can help the children with school work, and is able to attend most of their school function which help performance in school. Whereas before the working father was not able to attend any of the school function. The traditional middle class working family has suffered during this great recession, but the minority family has suffered joblessness and low paying jobs for more than a decade. The loss of jobs plays an important part in communities and neighborhoods, especially the inner city. The manufacturing company moved overseas caused devastation because the primary source of income was industries such as the auto industries that hired skilled laborer. The beginning of the past decade the city prospered because of manufacturing, and the uneducated and skilled worker for the first could envision the American dream. During this time minorities became home owners, and sent their children to college in hopes that their children’s lives would be better than theirs. However the dream was short lived because the companies started moving overseas, and leaving the families without work. The steady climb of unemployment among minorities caused an increase in the deterioration of the inner cities. Peck quoted William Julius Wilson “ A neighborhood in which people are poor but employed is different from a neighborhood in which people are poor and jobless” A poor neighborhood with employed people have a sense of pride, but the one that is

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