The Millennium Development Goals Target of 2015: An Analysis of Its Application in Africa

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This is a letter to the United Nations' Secretary-General Mr Ban Ki-Moon addressing the status of the MDG targets 2015 with particular focus on eradicating extreme poverty and hunger through achievement of decent employment for women, men, and young people. The focus of the paper will be on analyzing the application of this particular goal within Africa including the obstacles and challenges of its completion in the region followed by appropriate solutions. Current stature of this goal is exhibited below (source: Statistics Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations):

Introduction With fewer than 3 years prior to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) target date of 2015, development professionals, such as agencies from the United Nations (UN), already are starting discussions targeted at identifying the curves for the post-2015 growth plan. (UN, 2012). Because of the need for the post-2015 plan - designed for Africa - this year's Evaluating Progress in Africa for the Millennium Development Goals recognizes that plan as a possible section of emphasis. The paper synthesizes the results from the Africa region-wide discussions, directed by UNECA, AUC as well as UNDP-RBA, which try to enunciate an African widespread posture around the post-2015 improvement plan. The consensus is perfect for a "MDGs plus" alternative that echoes rising international problems, for example global warming, and considers growth enablers as well as results. Enablers
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