Essay on The Million Man March by Maya Angelou

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Almost a million people who were deprived of any sort of human rights had stood up against the government to make a change. The voices of the people come from the poem “A Million Man March” by Maya Angelou which proves that together people can make a big difference even when they go against the government. Before this big change had happened though the dark skinned part of the nation were treated horribly and were pushed over the edge, this was explained using imagery. Also a stanza was repeated very often to remind people of the horrors they had to go through and that is’s time for change using the power of metaphors. Finally during the march there was a fair amount of repetition which was used to make the people stronger and more…show more content…
For a long time the participants had suffered from being treated almost inhuman like but there was a moment when the blacks where ready to stand up and fight for their rights. Maya Angelou used lots of metaphors to describe the people’s feelings and make the reader fell them too: “I say the night has been long” (The Million Man March, line 1 but repeated through out the poem). “The nigh has been long” is used metaphorically to say that enough suffering has been endured. This quote is related to suffering because when darkness is present monsters and such lurk about (scared). “I say” is metaphorically used to show strength and leadership. So “I say the night has been long” stands for stop being cowardly, you don't need to suffer just come together with all your strength. Although Maya Angelou is showing that the participants have strength she also shows where it’s coming from: “The wound has been deep, the pit has been dark and the walls have been steep” (The Million Man March, lines 2-4 but repeated through out the poem). These phrases remind the people of what they had to endure in life and they get strength from this to go against the government and make a change. “The wound has been deep” represents the pain the dark skinned people had to endure in their lives which they know their children might have to too. “The pit has been dark and the

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